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Spark AR Expands AR Library

Access New Custom Assets Built by Expert AR Creators

By: Meta Spark
June 24, 2021
Meta Spark

Spark AR Expands AR Library

Access New Custom Assets Built by Expert AR Creators

By: Meta Spark
June 24, 2021

A little over two years ago, we introduced the AR Library feature in Spark AR Studio with the goal of making it easier for you to add high-quality assets to your AR projects. Initially, this was done through an integrated library of 3D objects from Sketchfab, and over time, we’ve continued to extend and enhance the AR Library with hundreds of additional assets, including 3D objects, sound effects, patch assets, script packages, and so much more.

That’s why today, we’re excited to share that we’re expanding the AR Library to include new custom-built assets made by expert creators in the Spark AR Partner Network. The AR Library includes patch assets, blocks and color Lookup Textures (LUTs), all freely available for you. Here’s just a sampling of some of the assets that are available now in the AR Library.

Patch Assets

Patches in Spark AR Studio let you add interaction, animation and logic to your effects.
Browse patch assets in the AR Library for inspirational ideas, or to simply make your AR effects more immersive without building complex interactions or shaders from scratch.

Simple Kira by Alexander Surnin
Add simple sparkles (kira) to effects

Quad Gradient by Kevin Kripper
Add a linear four color gradient to effects

Posterize by Adriano Magalhães
Add a poster-like style to effects

Fit2Screen by Josh Beckwith
Fits an object (plane, box, etc) to the screen

B&W Except One Color by Kevin Kripper
Add a color focal area to a black and white scene


Blocks are frequently used combinations of objects, patches, materials, or textures.
You can use blocks in the AR Library to help save you time and prototype your AR ideas, faster.

Wavey Displacement by Aw Boon Jun
Creates procedural waves using vertex displacement and hires plane

Organic Movement by Isabelle Udo Enhances movements for a rigged 3D mode

Real World Instruction by Aw Boon Jun
Sets of graphical instructions for World AR effects

Score Block by Keetapol Boonprachak
Adds a numbered scoring system to effects

Heart Block by Keetapol Boonprachak
Adds a heart system to effects

Color LUTs

Color LUTs are tables of RGB color values.
You can browse a variety of color LUTs in the AR Library, many of which have been produced and shared by our Spark AR creative team. Use them to quickly add color variations to your effects.

FastColorLUT by Josh Beckwith
Applies color grading to effects (also a patch asset)

Ko Red by Spark AR

Faded BW by Spark AR

Sun Bleached by Spark AR

Ludwug by Spark AR

As the Spark AR creator community continues to grow, the volume and complexity of AR effects is growing too. That’s why the depth and diversity of freely available assets in the AR Library has become so helpful for both individual creators and creative teams.

We’re excited to add this new dimension of creator-contributed assets to the AR Library, and hope you’ll find them valuable too. To learn more about using the AR Library, check out our help article, or simply open up any AR project in Spark AR Studio today and you’ll find the AR Library in the Assets panel. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

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