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Explore Meta Spark's complete suite of technology, tools and resources that power AR content across Meta’s ecosystem – giving you the potential to reach billions of people on a variety of devices.

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Meta Spark Studio
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Flexible and extensible AR platform

Use templates and patch editors to start building immersive experiences without writing code, or leverage Meta Spark’s APIs to create effects using JavaScript and push your innovation further.

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Powerful and immersive capabilities

Whether you choose node-based visual programming or customize with code, Meta Spark Studio makes it easy to build interactive AR experiences with target tracking, depth mapping, occlusion, audio and haptic integrations and more.

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 Meta Spark Hub

Publish and track performance

Use Meta Spark Hub to manage and view the performance of your AR experiences across Meta’s family of apps and devices. Share links to AR experiences, publish when ready and distribute to hundreds of millions of users around the world.

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Create for the augmented layer of the metaverse

Sign-up for the beta group that’s building virtual objects and testing them in Meta Spark Player on Meta Quest Devices.

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Easily see what Meta Spark AR experiences will look like by using Meta Spark Player for mobile devices and desktop. Download Meta Spark Player

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