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Watch our success stories series to learn how creators and developers from all over the world are participating in Meta Spark programs to expand their skills and achieve their goals.

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Florian’s story

After spending a few years experimenting in XR, Florian invested all of his skills and talent into Spark contests, and won both the XR Hackathon and Spark Worlds competition. Now he’s growing his own business and building AR effects for global brands.

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Gayathri’s story

Gayathri participated in nearly every Creator Day workshop she could find, mostly to learn new skills, always to expand her knowledge, and ultimately to pursue her professional goal of being a full-time AR creator, building experiences for big, global brands.

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Florencia’s story

Florencia focused on learning AR during the early days of the pandemic and a recovery from cancer, to help develop her skills, grow her consulting business, and ultimately compete (and win) our Cyberpunk Challenge.

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Naveen’s story

Uninspired in his career as a software engineer, Naveen found early success in AR by building a winning project for a hackathon. He has since pivoted his career, and is now building his own AR business and teaching thousands in India how to create using Spark AR.

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Compete for recognition and reward

Competitions and hackathons are organized by Meta Spark throughout the year, and offer both new and experienced creators with the opportunity to gain new skills and compete for cash prizes. Sign up to get notified of new competitions and hackathons.

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Creator Days workshops

Expert-lead instruction

Join our free Creator Days workshops and bootcamps. Workshops and camps are led by industry experts who provide step-by-step guidance and coaching for how to build a range of AR experiences. All skill levels can participate. Sign up now to get notified of new opportunities.

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Self-paced learning for all skill levels

The Meta Spark AR Curriculum teaches creators and developers, at any skill level, how to design, build and publish AR experiences using the Meta Spark platform. And for more advanced creators who want to distinguish their skills, a certification program is also available.

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Meta Spark AR Curriculum
Community connection

Community connection

Meta Spark and our alliance of strategic partners regularly host special events for our community of creators and developers all around the world. Join an event to meet new creators, share your ideas, and explore what’s possible with Meta Spark. Sign up to get notified of new partner events.

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