Spark AR Creator Stories: Meet Aliya Ataulova

By: Meta Spark
October 16, 2019

Spark AR Creator Stories: Meet Aliya Ataulova

By: Meta Spark
October 16, 2019

Today, we’re profiling Spark AR creator Aliya Ataulova.

The second you land on Aliya Ataulova’s Instagram profile (@whiteabysses) you know you’re looking at an artist with her own unique and embodied style. Sitting somewhere in between fantasy, fashion and futurism, Aliya’s Spark AR effects are beautiful to see and fun to use. Her effects ooze cool, with purple-colored tones and floating neon features. Here are just a few recent examples:

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Expression Through Immersive Art Forms

Aliya is currently a student studying graphic design and advertising, and she enjoys learning about creative and immersive technologies, like augmented reality. For her, AR is a new medium shaping the future of art.

“I was so impressed when I discovered custom AR effects. I began searching to find out how to make my own, which led me to the Spark AR Community and all of the fantastic resources that other creators share there,” said Aliya. “I realized that if I upped my design knowledge and 3D skills, I could become an AR creator too.”

Learning New Skills with Spark AR

With no previous experience in 3D design or modeling, learning how to build 3D experiences seemed like a daunting task. “I have never worked with 3D before Spark AR, so all of these portals and hole effects were difficult to understand at first,” she says, “But when you spend time trying and trying, you eventually get what you want, and it all starts to make sense. Spark AR Studio was a great way to start to learn 3D!”

In no time at all Aliya was using features like occlusion, segmentation, 3D objects, planes, face meshes, and custom textures. With Spark AR Studio, she says she’s discovered a new way to express herself and take her art to the next level.

Collaborating with a Global Community of Artists

An unexpected benefit of becoming a Spark AR creator, was the growth of our network and connections on Instagram, which has given her a much stronger platform to share her ever-increasing portfolio of art. But she’s not only on Instagram, Aliya loves being a part of the Spark AR Community too. This has enabled her to connect with and find inspiration among a global network of creators.

“Being an AR creator is beneficial because we follow the news and trends of the moment, [and] we look at the work of others which is very inspiring,” she says, “It opens doors to collaborations.”

The Future is AR

In the future, Aliya is looking forward to publishing more effects with Spark AR while also sharing her variety of design work. “I am really happy that my work is being appreciated by people all over the world,” she says.

“I’m hoping to publish more of my graphic art and design on my page so hopefully these new followers will also enjoy viewing the other work I do outside of effects. I would like my audience to understand the different levels and layers of my work across the board.”

As for where she sees Spark AR heading, Aliya knows that the future is bright. “The future is augmented reality,” she says, “These effects will be so important for growing the immersive sector in the mainstream.”

The future is augmented reality.

— Aliya Ataulova

Our thanks to Aliya for being such an inspirational creator, you can follow and try some of her Spark AR effects on Instagram @whiteabysses. And you can find more profile stories about AR creators here on the Spark AR blog.

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